Which MetaTrader Platform is Better?

In the world of online trading, MetaTrader has emerged as a popular platform choice for both beginner and experienced traders. However, with multiple versions available, it can be challenging to determine which MetaTrader platform is the best fit for your trading needs. In this article, we will conduct a comprehensive comparison of the different MetaTrader platforms to help you make an informed decision and ensure that your trading experience is optimised for success.

MetaTrader 4 (MT4)

MetaTrader 4, commonly referred to as MT4, is one of the most widely used trading platforms in the industry. It has gained popularity due to its user-friendly interface, extensive charting capabilities, and a wide range of built-in technical indicators. MT4 offers a plethora of features, including automated trading through Expert Advisors (EAs), customizable trading strategies, and a secure environment for executing trades.

One of the key advantages of MT4 is its large online community, which provides a vast selection of pre-built indicators, EAs, and scripts that can enhance your trading experience. Additionally, MT4 is compatible with Windows, macOS, and even mobile devices, allowing traders to access their accounts from anywhere, at any time.

MetaTrader 5 (MT5)

MetaTrader 5, often abbreviated as MT5, is the successor to MT4 and offers several advancements over its predecessor. While MT5 retains many of the features that made MT4 popular, it introduces new capabilities that cater to the evolving needs of modern traders.

One notable improvement in MT5 is its enhanced scripting language, MQL5, which provides greater flexibility and efficiency in developing custom indicators and EAs. Moreover, MT5 offers additional order types, such as “Buy Stop Limit” and “Sell Stop Limit,” which enable traders to set precise entry and exit levels for their trades.

Furthermore, MT5 boasts a built-in economic calendar and a depth of market feature, empowering traders with comprehensive market analysis tools. With its improved backtesting capabilities, multi-currency strategy tester, and advanced built-in indicators, MT5 appeals to traders seeking a more sophisticated trading environment.

MetaTrader Master

MetaTrader Master is the latest social trader tool released in the form of a crypto also. This is the first we have come across a token crypto which is backed by real trading MetaTrader platforms. However MetaTrader Master is not a trading platform from what it looks like, this seems to be a complete different project.

Key Differences Between MT4 and MT5

To better understand which MetaTrader platform is better suited for you, let’s delve into the key differences between MT4 and MT5:

  1. Hedging: MT4 allows hedging, a strategy where traders can open multiple positions in the same instrument, including both long and short positions. On the other hand, MT5 adopts a “netting” system, where traders can only have one position per instrument at a given time.
  2. Number of Markets: MT4 primarily focuses on forex trading, while MT5 expands its offering to include other markets, such as stocks, commodities, and futures. If you wish to trade a diverse range of financial instruments, MT5 provides a broader scope.
  3. Programming Language: MT4 uses MQL4, while MT5 utilizes MQL5. MQL5 offers improved programming capabilities, making it easier to develop complex trading algorithms and custom indicators.
  4. Timeframes: MT4 supports nine standard timeframes, whereas MT5 includes 21 timeframes, enabling traders to have a more granular view of the market.


In conclusion, both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 are powerful trading platforms with their own strengths and unique features. If you prefer a user-friendly interface, a vast library of pre-built indicators, and compatibility with various devices, MT4 might be the ideal choice for you.

However, if you seek advanced trading functionalities, access to a wider range of markets, and a more efficient programming language, MT5 could better suit your trading requirements. Ultimately, the decision between MT4 and MT5 depends on your specific trading goals, strategies, and preferences.

We hope that this comprehensive comparison has provided valuable insights into the differences between MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, assisting you in making an informed decision for your trading endeavours.

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