Rules & Terms

Every single step challenge evaluation plan lasts 45 days. You have 45 days to pass the challenge. Verification takes place straight after and then a live account is provided. If you fail any of the objectives you will receive an email from your account manager to guide you further. 

Unlike many prop firms, we understand some traders will have bad days. This is why all our account mangers at IFA work very closely with traders to ensure we can provide them a solution or another chance using alternative funding methods.

IFA (Instant funded Account) has three main branches. Our main office is located in London. We also have offices in Dubai and Israel.

Every trader who joins us has their very own dedicated personal account manager, who you stay in contact with at all times. Through the members area you can find your account managers direct contact details and even WhatsApp them for live support.

After you have passed all the Trading Objectives set out for your plan, you will receive a email notification about your success, and you don’t need to trade the account any more once you’ve reached your profit target. We will be automatically alerted that you have passed your single step challenge and we will proceed to evaluate your trading results accordingly.

After 1-2 business days, we will then send you the new account login credentials for your live funded account, along with dahsboard logins. In some cases if your trading crypto we may ask you to complete an additional challenge. As crypto trading carries more risk than regular trading.

NOTE: IFA do NOT fund high risk traders. This means if you pass the challenge in 3 days, we will not fund you. The verification team do not fund high risk traders and our algorithms can determine this. Please ensure you do not try pass the challenge within a few days, as this will not get you funded and will violate the terms.

IFA also collected You will need to sign a contract trader agreement too.

If a trader breaches any of the Trading Objectives during the Evaluation, their account will be automatically disqualified, and they will lose eligibility to continue in the program. If the breach occurs on a live trading account, the corresponding Trading Account Agreement will be terminated. The trader can always start from scratch by purchasing another challenge if they wish to become a funded trader again. However, please note that there are no discounts for repetitions, and the initial fee paid for the challenge will be forfeited if the Trading Objectives are violated. Therefore, it is crucial to trade safely and respect the rules.

However, there is an exception to this rule. If the trader manages to not breach any of the Trading Objectives and their account ends in profit at the end of the trading duration with all positions closed, they will receive a new challenge free of charge, this rule only applies for $200,000 Evaluation Challenges. We understand that sometimes the market conditions are not in the trader’s favour, and we appreciate their good trading skills and ability to manage risk properly. However this is down to account manager discretion. Note, if you fail any of the rules your fee will not be refunded.

For our single step evaluation the rules are very simple. All our plans have the same rules, the only difference is the profit targets and drawdown levels. Check here for a full breakdown on each plan. A drawdown is a maximum daily loss. All single step challenges have a 4% drawdown limit, which means you cannot loose no more than 4% of your account in a single day in drawdown, this would trigger the loss limit.

Instant Funded Account have a fixed 5% drawdown loss limit.

IFA do NOT fund high risk traders. If you pass your challenge in 3 days or within a short period of time, we will not fund you. As this type of trading is classed as high risk. The verification team look for consistency in all traders. High risk scalpers, 50 lot positions will get you automatically disqualified for a funded account. If hyperactivity is recorded on our server broker, a repeat violation can breach your challenge and instant funded account.

Live trading accounts need to reach the minimum amount of $1000 for withdrawal and must ensure they trade a minimum 12 trading days per calendar month. You can request withdrawals up-to 2 times each week once you have been trading with us for 3 months. All open positions need to be closed when requesting for payout. Payouts come in the form of bank transfer (DEEL) and we also offer crypto withdrawals in the form of USDT. 

Bank transfer can take up to 3 working days. Crypto payouts are sent out within 48 hours of request approval.

No – you do NOT need to use a stop loss when trading. This is completely up-to the trader.

EAs are allowed. Copy trading is allowed. 

Manual trading strategies and certain EAs can trigger hyperactivity, this will automatically breach your account terms if the broker has recorded any hyperactivity on your account. 

Expert Advisors or forex robots have gained popularity among traders who want to eliminate the influence of emotions on their trading decisions. However, it is important to note that EAs are not independent money-makers and require careful consideration when choosing which one to use.

Allowing other people to trade your instant funded account or evaluation challenge is a violation of the terms. If found we reserve the right to immediately terminate your account. IFA & ICMarkets uses geo IP tracking to ensure your account registration IP and location matches your trading location server.

When selecting an Expert Advisor, traders must first define their trading objectives and determine the type of market conditions the EA will operate in. This will help narrow down the selection of available EAs that align with their specific needs and trading strategies. If hyper-activity is recorded then we reserve the right to cancel your account or evaluation. For additional support on EAs contact your account manager first in any case.

Furthermore, traders should evaluate the performance of the EA by analyzing its backtesting and live trading results. It is essential to ensure that the EA has a track record of generating consistent profits over an extended period and is not simply relying on a few lucky trades to produce a high return.

Additionally, traders must assess the risk management capabilities of the EA, such as stop-loss and take-profit levels, and ensure they align with their risk tolerance and money management strategies.

It is also essential to consider the technical aspects of the EA, such as the programming language used to create it and the level of customization and flexibility it offers. This will allow traders to make necessary modifications to the EA to optimize its performance for their specific trading needs.

We scale traders who have been actively trading and withdrawing for at least 3 months. If you wish to be scaled speak to your dedicated account manager who will guide you on your personal scaling program. Traders can also withdraw and scale at the same. Once you have reached 12% of your balance or withdraws, we can scale your account by up-to 200%.

Email and we shall send you a demo login to our broker.

IFA offers a wide range of financial instruments that can be traded on its platform. These include:

  1. Forex: IC Markets provides access to over 60 currency pairs, including majors, minors, and exotics.
  2. Indices: The company offers trading on over 20 major indices, including the S&P 500, NASDAQ, FTSE, and Nikkei.
  3. Commodities: Traders can trade on a range of popular commodities such as gold, silver, oil, and natural gas.
  4. Stocks: IC Markets provides access to over 120 US and Australian stocks, including popular companies like Apple, Google, and Facebook.
  5. Cryptocurrencies: The broker offers trading on a range of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and Bitcoin Cash.
  6. Bonds: IC Markets provides access to a range of government bonds, including the US Treasury Bond, German Bund, and UK Gilt.
  7. Futures: Traders can also trade on futures contracts, including indices, energy, metals, and agriculture.

You can trade all major forex and minor pairs. We allow trading of all indices, bonds, energies, metals and commodities. As we use ICMarkets we allow CFD trading for the following forex pairs.

Australian Dollar Major Currency Pairs


Canadian Dollar Major Currency Pairs


Swiss Franc Currency Pairs


Euro Currency Pairs


British Pound Major Currency Pairs


New Zealand Dollar Pairs


Japanese Yen Major Currency Pairs


United States Dollar Major Currency Pairs


Instant Funded Accounts of $14,000, $80,000, $160,000 and $240,000. Must ensure they follow the following rules:

If funded accounts are found to be trading crypto, we will not process withdraws or payouts, as crypto trading is classed as high risk and IFA do NOT fund high risk traders as per our terms. If you are copy trading, it’s a traders responsibility to make sure crypto trades are not being copied over to your funded account as this would breach your funded account terms.

As an IFA trader, you don’t need to close positions overnight. During evaluation, you can keep your positions open overnight and over the weekend as well. Live accounts can also hold positions overnight and over weekend. There are no restrictions to the times and days that you can trade.

Yes absolutely. You can trade news NFP, FOMC, CPI and more. There are no restrictions on the days you can’t trade. We also allow you to trade crypto on the weekends using your evaluation account. 

IFA has partnered with the worlds biggest trading broker to provide liquidity and live trading accounts. You will be funded through our private investment group using our own funds. As a trader you are responsible for your own taxes on income.

All Instant Funded Accounts are on a demo account for 3 months. Then you are moved onto real live funds. However you may request for withdrawal once you have reached the $500 minimum payout. Instant Funded Accounts and Single Step Challenges are powered by ITL Brokers.

Maximum funding per trader is $750,000. This could be a combination of single step challenges and/or instant funded accounts. In total traders cannot be funded more than $750,000 in total funding. That’s our maximum limit per trader allowed through ICMarkets EU.

IFA Trading Terms for Funded Accounts & Single Step Challenges

The Instant Funded Account operate an Online Funding and Growth Trading Program, operated by Tradenet Market Capital, incorporated in the United Kingdom as a registered UK Company number 17822939.

Instant Funded Account is operated and governed by the law of the United Kingdom. The official address is: 1 The Atrium Uxbridge, London UB8 1HX

The Instant Funded Account is a brand name, IFA does not operate as a Financial Institution of any type, nor is it a Broker, nor a Broker Marketing platform, and does not accept Investor’s capital.

Under a 3rd party contract, The Instant Funded Account recruits genuine and speculative traders to work for the company, and to manage the companies funds on the company’s platform and using the company’s assets and funds.

The Instant Funded Account provides fully-funded forex trading accounts with WEEKLY profit pay-out plans and lucrative growth scenarios to traders who qualify for the program’s trading requirements.

The Instant Funded Account is not a broker, not associated with any particular broker, and does not serve financial trading services of any type. 

The Instant Funded Account does not invest clients capital in the financial markets. All funding of clients’ accounts is sourced by the owner’s own capital.

Knowledge and Skill

The trader must acknowledge having sufficient trading knowledge, experience, and skills to perform under the program requirements. The trader must fully understand the full scope of the program, the implications of the program requirements, restrictions, guidelines, and find the program sufficient to his needs.  

Forex Trading

The program is conducted on a forex trading platform only. The trader must fully understand the unique characteristics of the forex market. Specifically, with regards to trading, the trader must fully understand his/herself the following trading terms: Market Trading Hours, News Releases, Margin, Commission, Volatility, Pip, Point Value, Lot sizes, Stop Loss, Take Profit, Market Order, Stop Order, Limit Order, Ask, Buy, Sell and Drawdown.

Trading Platform

At this time, IFA provides for the use of Windows Operating system, Mac iOS, mobile access for Android and iOS, Desktop Platform Version Only. Also phone app through appstore or playstore. For Evaluation accounts our trading platform supplied is MT4 and MT5. 

Although we allow EAs – Hyper-Activity on brokers is forbidden and will result in violation of your evaluation account. Martingale is permitted either manually or through the use of an Expert Advisor. The maximum trades permitted is 133 positions per day.

IFA may change its suppliers and systems to any other solution and technology, at any time. However we will notify you if this is the case 1 month in advance,

Trading Capital

The program, from the very beginning period and throughout the progression, is conducted with capital that is owned and supplied by Tradenet Capital. 

Protecting Trading Capital

No matter which level the trader is at in the program, it is required for him/her to act responsibly and use all methods to protect the capital from severe losses. This also includes operating responsibly under risk management measures, protecting and securing the trading access credentials for trading accounts, not providing access to any 3rd party or person for the accounts, immediately report to the IFA team about loss or theft of trading access, respond to email communications from IFA and take the required measures if asked by us.

Activity Restrictions on TEFS Evaluation 

The program is designed to cater all speculative trading strategies. Any trading style which is not speculation-trading behaviour is prohibited. You may scalp, swing and day trade. Also trade news and hold positions on weekends and overnight.

It is prohibited to perform under the TEFS platform any trading method which uses exploitation of price discrepancies within different markets of similar or identical assets, also known as Arbitrage trading.

It is prohibited to involve any other technology which interferes with the platform’s networking, including EAs and bots.

Using EAs and bots will get you banned on TEFS Evolution

You may copy trade. Carrying overnight positions is allowed. Carrying over the weekend is also allowed.

Age Restrictions

The program is available to individuals only. They must be from the age of 18 years.

Individually Private Only

The program is designed for individual traders only. An individual trader who signs up is the only person who is allowed to trade on the instant funded account.

Proof of ID not required
An authentic identity must be provided when requested. The program only accepts traders who present proof of authentic identity. Only when requested.

Other Companies

The program is not available to any entity, firm, corporation organization, or group of individuals of any type. US customers are allowed under new rules.


The program suggests a risk management discipline, which traders can choose whether to embrace or not.
No profit targets, the program promises to accommodate a guaranteed account growth for all traders demonstrating either risk management approaches.

Traders who demonstrate under the program’s ideal risk management requirement will be entitled to a bigger profit splits on larger accounts.

Traders who demonstrate different risk management will be entitled to a similar growth rate, with a higher profit split as a milestone.

Ideal Risk Management Discipline

The following are the characteristics of the Risk Management required and its definitions, which the Trader should fully comprehend and self-enforce as good trading management.

Stop Loss

Instant Funded Account do not require a stop loss on any position. This is at your discretion.


IFA applies fixed leverage settings to every instant funded account. The trader is allowed to use the full margin available by the program’s leverage. By any circumstance, if wrong leverage was given, the trader is forbidden to exceed the official leverage published for the program: Risk Indices 1:10, Forex: 1:30

Profit Target

No profit targets required. Minimum withdraw amount of $500

Account Stop out Value

Definition: Is the account value by equity, which determines the maximum loss allowed in the account.

Once the Account Stop out value is breached below, termination for the account will be announced, all unrealised positions, and orders will be closed by the authorised personnel. 5% is the drawdown at all times.

Time Limit

No time limits. Hold positions for as long as you wish.

Stock positions and fee free. Weekend and overnight holding is allowed.

Minimum Activity

To remain active, instant funded traders must show to have been active with at least 4 trades in one entire month. Failing to meet this criteria, the account will be paused or terminated.
Giving notice for Inactivity – By giving notice for inactivity, the trader may freeze the account for up to 2 months but no more than twice in an annual year. 

Minimum Active Trading Days

There are no minimum trades or trading days requirements for trading.

Violation of Risk Requirements and Restrictions:

Traders on the risk-manager program are expected to trade with our excessing the risk management requirements.This serves as a slippage prevention measures, execution of trades at unwanted pricing due to possible wide spreads. 


IFA evaluation accounts must endure a complete 45 day trading period in order to move to a live account. Even if you pass the evaluation before 45 days, verification will only take place for a live account after 45 days. Traders using MT4 and MT5 must not use unlicensed EAs belonging to third parties. IFA reserve the right to terminate accounts without further notices at any given time. In some cases IFA will ask the trader to reach an 5% additional to the 10% profit target, before providing a live trading account. This is to ensure risk management is consistent within the terms of the IFA funded trader contract.


Email communication serves as the main and official communication with the trader and Instant Funded Account. IFA will use regular email and in real-time, as a means to send all communication, guidance, and feedback to its team of traders.

It is mandatory for the trader to provide a valid and working email address, in which the trader checks regularly. While the trader obtains live running trades, it is required to check emails at least once a day.

IFA provides other means of communication that can serve as backup communication, such as Whatsapp, on-site live chat, on-site contact forms, and international telephone calls.

It is expected for the traders to notify Instant Funded Account of any changes in email or communication details and anything else that may affect their trading performance.


IFA may terminate your account only with prior consent. Terminating the program may occur for one of the reasons listed below:

  • When reaching or passing off the maximum drawdown allowance.
  • The misuse or abuse of the program – not for the sake of individual authentic trading.

Returning After a Termination

Traders are allowed to sign up for another plan regardless of past terminations. Nevertheless, IFA is allowed to refuse to re-sign up at its own discretion.

Termination Clearance
At the occurrence of a termination, the following measures will take effect:

  • A notice of termination will be sent by an official email to the trader.
  • Disabling trading permission in trading accounts.
  • Denying access to the trading account and platforms provided by the Fund.
  • A full detailed trading report will be sent to the trader by email.

Often it is possible to find a solution without instigating the formal procedures.


Subject to the terms of this agreement, neither party hereto, shall be prejudiced in any way by inadvertent errors or omissions made by such party, providing such errors and omissions are corrected promptly following discovery thereof. Upon the discovery of an inadvertent error or omission by either party hereto, appropriate adjustments shall be made as soon as possibly practicable to restore both parties to the fullest extent possible and to the position they would have been in, had no such inadvertent error or omission occurred.

Instant Funded Account reserves the rights for future changes of these Terms and Conditions, upon notifications via an official email address given from the trader. The trader will be committed to the changes, or will officially be asked to resign from the program.