What is IFA

What is instant funded account? Also known as IFA is a private investment company who offer traders fully funded trading accounts without having to pass no challenges. We look for skilled traders to become profitable and consistent and we are constantly in search for new traders to join our ever growing community. IFA has offices in Dubai London and Israel, we keep everything very transparent and we will come out will treat us to visit our live trade rooms and access and speak to some of the top traders within the company. IFA is renowned in the world of Forex trading, We have our own platform which allows traders to actually sit stop losses and take profits knowing exactly how much they are willing and looking to risk. I was state of the art trading platform gives our traders that extra edge knowing exactly what you are risking on every position.

With our ongoing support and our expert customer service we aim to be the biggest funded trading company in the world. Founded in 2019 We now have a community off over 46,000 traders across the world who trade with us lies every single day. Our CEO trades with us every single day live with full transparency on profits and losses during the day, we welcome all traders to join our rooms or use our liquidity to become more profitable so we can scale our traders to six and seven figure earners. We have found this gap in the market because we have seen a lot of traders lose money using challenges which are very very difficult to pass. Most prop firm companies actually rely on traders to sell their challenges in order to be profitable, on the other hand actually wants traders to be profitable hence we offer fully funded trading accounts. Whether you are new to trading all your experience trader or if he has the best product on the market for you. IFA offers stock fee free trading accounts, this means you can hold a stock trade whether it be Apple Tesla Facebook or any other company and you can hold that stock position for up to five years without zero fees. We are the only company that offers fully funded trading accounts that actually are fee free. If you’re after a trading account for stocks or you want to trade crypto or Forex we have the ideal solution for your needs. Why trade alone when you can trade with top traders across the world.

instant funded account

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