How to pass a FTMO challenge the easy way

I’m doing the FTMO challenge and there are a few reasons for it. The first one is a simple one, lots of you guys who are members, will be applying for one so I want to go through it myself as I don’t like talking about things I don’t have experience off. I know a lot of you want me to talk about how to pass a FTMO challenge and whether there is any secret! The second reason related to something I mentioned earlier, I think the challenge itself doesn’t necessarily prove whether you’re a good trader or not. It’s just a challenge and I think the right way to pass the challenge is not to follow your usual trading but a variation of strategies depending on account balance. So I want to go through first so I can report back and teach people how I did it and what I think they should do and what’s the cost. The next reason is for our students who trade live sessions with us and help them get funded.

Read till the end trust me! – Easiest way to pass a FTMO challenge!

The most important part when it comes to passing a FTMO challenge is risk management. Always know the trading rules, the most common trading rule is your daily limit of loss. Now also remember you have 30 days to pass a challenge. Out of the 30 days you won’t trade on weekends so you can automatically remove eight days from your 30 day calendar, which leaves you with 22 days. Also bear in mind you have a FOMC meeting once a month and also a NFP once a month which you really want to stay clear from. So now you left with 20 days to trade. So let’s say you had took a 100,000 FTMO challenge. You have 20 days to make $10,000. Which is $500 a day. Now realistically you do have leverage and you do have the power of $100,000. A consistent profitable trader can make $500 a day with a $100,000 trading account. However hair comes the tricky part, there will be days where there is no opportunity for you to trade in the market. Now this can result in you forcing trades which may or may not go against you. You also carried the risk of over trading and losing on a particular day which would also set your daily $500 profit mark a challenge. Trying to pass a FTMO challenge is a difficult challenge indeed. Even the best traders fell challenges. Your profit target or $500 a day can be realistically achieved but it would also require some luck and some days where you will probably double your positions to make a bit extra. Let’s not forget once you pass phase one of your challenge you are then given another challenge to pass a phase two. Finally, here’s the secret method to pass FTMO challenge in a single day, check below!

how to pass ftmo
Passed FTMO Challenge

FTMO Challenge Passing Method Revealed

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Here’s a very interesting method which we have used in the past to pass a FTMO challenge, this method requires opening two FTMO accounts of the same size. So basically, you would open two accounts both 100K or both 50K each. During a high volatility move day such as a FOMC, OPEC or NFP, on one account place a buy on US30 and on the other account place a sell position at the same time on US30, make sure its minimum 5 lot’s. During this high volatility day the market will move in one direction very aggressively. One account will hit its daily limit but the other account will pass the FTMO challenge. That there, ladies and gentlemen is how you pass a FTMO challenge in one day. Alternatively you can use this company to do it, as they use the exact same method outlined here. We discovered this tactic when we actually tried it ourselves and it worked! So, stop gambling on failed challenges and do it the right way!

We are not sure how long this method will last before FTMO put a stop on it all. But hey, whilst it works get funded. You can also use this method on other prop firms too. The only issue is you need to get the timing right on the trading news day and the lot size, as what we are really doing here is trading in one direction without a retracement. The company mentioned above are kind of experts when it comes to applying this method. Plus I believe they use a reverse copy trader which makes the trade execution fast. If you failed FTMO challenges in the past, I hope this article helps you pass your first FTMO challenge.

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