Trading the Forex Markets

New traders who are introduced to the forex markets are usually under the impression this is a very easy way to make money online. They are sold are a lifestyle that involves luxury living, when the truth is only 8% of people who start trading actually stay trading consistently. Trading the Forex market is not an easy job, a lot of people are actually sold into a fake lifestyle that trading Forex is quick money. Trading is actually very lucrative it’s only lucrative to those who know how to control their risk, because end of the day the risk is calculated by the amount of money you are risking and it’s really as simple as that. In this article we are going to go through many reasons Why Forex is a very good sign income and can be a very good source of income whether you’re working or not working. The first reason is trading can be done anywhere in the world from your phone as long as you have wifi. With our Instant Funded Account, you can trade right away!

Secondly the reason why a lot of traders choose to go down this road is because it has its freedom meaning you can trade whenever you want however you want and how often you want as the financial markets also known as Forex literally runs 24 hours five days a week. The most frequent question we get asked is how much can you make that’s a very interesting question because everyone is completely different when it comes to greed and patients average traders can anywhere between 50 pound a day up to half million pound even millions a day I’m obviously you need bigger accounts you need higher liquidity I’m in order to actually trade those sort of big numbers however most traders would be usually build their account up to a certain balance and then compound the trading account until they can actually grow and withdraw and get consistent profits. As the Forex market runs 24 hours five days a week the main sessions meaning the main time frames we actually run separate invoice for actual time sets so we have a London session, we have a US session, we also have a Asian session which is the Tokyo stock market and then we also have the Australian stock market trading index. So these are the four main time frames that the stock Forex market operates. So the main question you probably wondering now is how do you start trading.

OK firstly you need to open a broker account a broker is someone that sits between you and the actual financial markets and they offer you prices where you can go and buy and sell and trade so the first point of action would be to open a trading account. There are millions of brokers if not thousands that offer Forex broker accounts, simply deposit money into a broker account, connect to a trading platform which the broker also supplies and start trading. Now there are many services and companies out there that offer signals signals are basically trades and opportunities that people have seen in the market for you to go and take some of these trades. Some can be good, somebody’s can be bad but that is not so important what is moreover so important is the risk management of how you actually manage your trades now m, this is where Forex and making money gets a bit complicated. Visit IC Markets open a forex broker account.

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