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Funding Forex Traders Kanoya

We are the only company that provide traders instant funded accounts using our own capital. IFA are leaders in the forex industry and traders number one choice for funding forex trading accounts. So you might be asking yourself what make’s us the leader in this industry and why do thousands of traders choose us every month. The answer is easy, it’s because we have zero rules and allow our funded traders to withdraw anytime with any hassle of profit targets. Not only just that, we have offices and phone numbers for you to call and visit. Everything we do at IFA is fully transparent, more importantly we want our traders to win. We don’t rely on traders to fail challenges in order to make money. We are a bunch of professional traders who want you to excel in the trading world.

Which is the best funded forex trading account

You really can’t compare us to anyone out here as we have zero competition. IFA are partners of Tradenet which is one of the worlds biggest liquidity partners. There are many companies that offer various instant funded forex trading programs, however you will notice all of them have monthly fees. Unlike IFA we simply have a one-time fee of $349. That’s it. After buying our funded forex trading account also known as the Intro package, you are given a live $14,000 trading account. No rules, no minimum trading days, no profit targets. On top of that no monthly fees either. Simply buy the package here.

Do I need to reach profit targets to withdraw and what other rules

This is instant funded accounts for forex, stocks and crypto. Unlike others, we have no profit targets or complicated rules. We like to keep it very easy for our traders to follow. On our $14,000 funded trading account you are not allowed to loose no more than $700 or 5%. This is the only rule we apply to all our funded programs as it’s live capital you’re trading not a demo account or challenge. Over thousands choose us when it comes to funding forex traders.

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    Becoming a Funded Forex Trader

    We believe every trader should be given the opportunity to become an instant funded trader. Unfortunately we don’t agree with challenges and objectives to reach in order to get funded. As the vast majority of traders just want instant funding. Plus these prop firm challenges are very difficult and rules such as profit targets to reach in a set of days, adds more pressure to every forex trader. IFA funded accounts don’t have profit targets or minimum trading days. Simply trade whenever you feel like and withdraw whenever you wish, this is the ultimate freedom for traders across the world.

    IFA starts every trader with a $14,000 live funded account and every funded forex trader is assigned a dedicated account manager. This is to ensure we can individually scale traders and work with them closely. All traders are given access to a live trading room where they can follow professional traders and watch them trade using our platform. You’re more than welcome to take live trades too.

    Funded Forex Traders in Kanoya

    Okay, so you have a strategy and you’re profitable and now it’s time to get funded. IFA are leaders in helping forex traders get funded so they no longer need to risk their own capital. You’re probably wondering, how the hell do we make money? Well as funders we provide a generous 70% profit split to all traders which means we get 30%. That’s a fair deal in this forex world. However as you continue to trade with us and we find your good, we then scale all our traders by doubling your equity balance. You could quite easily move from a $14,000 to a $28,000 trading account. All it takes is to reach 10% profit and we then scale you. IFA are constantly looking for good forex traders to join us for the long term. The major factor that’s always held a trader back is the risk of loosing their own money. Hence funding for forex traders has become a huge demand in this market and we are proud to be here.