Instant Funded Forex Account

Stop using your own money to trade forex. If you know you can make money trading forex we give you the opportunity to use our funded forex account of $14,000. Trade all major and exotic forex pairs with IFA. You can download our trading platform and use our demo account first. IFA offers the best spreads and only one rule, you cannot loose no more than $700. Trade forex like a pro and receive 70% profit splits as soon as you reach $400 in profit. We are very transparent at IFA and help all our traders succeed trading forex by providing a real live trading room where you can follow our best forex traders.

Instant Funded Forex Account

Simply buy the package here. Download the TEFS Evolution App from the Playstore or App Store. You will receive your live login details via email which you can then use to login to the TEFS app and start trading. It’s as simple as that. We will get you to sign a contract as this is real live money, the contract states you will receive your profit split via bank transfer. Our support staff can be called anytime as we have offices in London, Dubai and Israel. You can trade the following forex pairs EURUSD, AUDUSD, GPBUSD, GBPJPY, AUDCHF, USDCAD, NZDCAD, NZDAUD, USDJPY and many more forex pairs. 

Forex trading comes with risk, hence we only recommend trading using our capital. We absorb the risk and help new and experienced forex traders throughout the world. Our trading platform is real time connected to the forex market, providing you with the best liquidity and lowest spreads and fees. We teach risk management for those who are not consistent profitable traders, as this is usually the missing link needed in order to become a profitable forex trader. 

Forex Funded Account

This is instant funded accounts for forex, stocks and crypto. IFA is a leader for all new forex traders wishing to make consistent money in the financial markets. If your unsure where to get started or what to do feel free to speak to us first. Unfortunately we cannot provide this opportunity to US customers due to regulation issues. IFA can only offer funded forex accounts for customers outside the US. If you’re from the US feel free to speak to one of our agents who will guide you on an alternative. 

Becoming a profitable forex trader requires patience and lots of it. There are many skills a funded forex trader needs in order to become profitable, they need to control risk at all times, they must have a strategy that works for them even if it only works 6 out of 10 times. More importantly a successful forex trader needs discipline and should always know when to trade and not to trade. Staying in the markets and also staying out the markets will help you become a consistent forex trader.

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