Fully Funded $14,000 Trading Account

Understanding critical trading terms is important if you wish to have a career in trading or if you are looking forward to investing in trade. If you don’t have in-depth knowledge about the terms and their underlying meanings that it becomes essentially difficult to know what trading option fits your requirement.

A forex-funded account is one such concept that is gaining popularity. Forex is the short-term foreign exchange in which you can trade one currency against another. Whereas a funded account is one where the trader has access to a large pool of funds or capital that can be traded for a fee.

The trader gets paid a fixed salary for operating a forex-funded account. The payment is set as per market performance. You may be wondering that the market performance can vary. It is not certain that one will always have profits, there can be instances when one faces loss what will happen in that case? Well, the trader is hired based on his/ her market knowledge, market performance, and record rather than the monthly performance.

You must be wondering why will a trader work hard enough to run a forex trading account when he can always use his/her trading experience to trade his own money. Well, there are many reasons to opt for a trader job for handling forex-funded accounts. The most pressing reason is that the trader doesn’t have to worry if the trade is ending up in losses or profit because he/she will get paid for optimal performance as per market standards and won’t have to face repercussions of loss.

The second most intriguing reason is that trader gets access to a large pool of capital which is difficult to raise in their capacity. He can take great risks and great decisions with that large amount of money. As trading on one’s capacity will reduce the trading capacity once some money is withdrawn for spending which can limit the playing field for the trader. While operating the forex funded account, the trader will get a specified salary along with the trade-able capital.

Among these, traders love to do this kind of job because there is no fixed timeline to do it. Trade is practically going on 24/7. As this trade is related to forex so many markets work at odd times which means that no matter if you are an early bird or a night owl you will find a market to trade in whenever you desire. This way you get the benefit of choosing the time that suits you. Also, traders can take shifts or breaks meaning that the working time is highly flexible which is a huge plus.

Being selected as a trader itself implies that are worthy enough to be given such a huge responsibility. It is not easy to trust someone with your money. So, if you are being trusted then it surely elevates your morale and boasts your confidence which is extremely important to grow both personally and professionally.

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