How to become a consistent profitable trader

If you have no money and I gave you one dollar would you consider yourself financially wealthy? Most people would say in the traditional sense of being financially wealthy no but what if I gave you $40 million instead would you consider yourself to be financially wealthy. Then most people I’m sure would say yes and side-note by the way no I won’t be giving you $40 million just because you said yes. What this means is that theoretically if I kept giving you one dollar over and over again that would come a point in time with that one extra dollar would be the difference between being wealthy or not the question is what is that point. Really common paradox but you’ll see on the various different names whether it’s the boiling frog syndrome, the bald man paradox or something similar but the reason I’m bringing this up now is because I think it nicely sums up a strange problem that I see happening really often with new traders.

When traders hit the promised land and start becoming consistently profitable for the first time something strange seems to happen quite a lot, no it’s not that they go out and buy a Lamborghini and no it’s not they start trading from the swimming pool and it’s not even that FX suddenly appears at the end of their Instagram username. The thing that happens is that they start becoming frustrated and disappointed, that may sound strange to you but we get to see that happen time and time again with our members who crossed that magical threshold and start trading above break even every month. So what is behind this issue well it’s all connected to being consistently profitable and how is treated as a destination to be reached by traders rather than just being part of the development process. No surprise ready since becoming a consistent possible trader is thrown around online and as if it’s the ultimate goal for traders. About all the stories of how someone suppose they went from doing a 9 to 5 and then become consistent across their first year and was able to quit their job.

Progression for a trader is very unique in every aspect. You start off burning multiple trading accounts so losing 100% and you start losing a bit less than each month then progressively overtime you lose a bit less and a bit less until eventually like a spring being released, you pop through the break even point into untold riches as a consistently profitable trader. So people are working for that point that when they become consistent profitable traders. But the problem is there’s a big gap and the thing that’s missing from that gap is the reality of what it actually means to be consistently profitable. Being consistently profitable very simply means that your returns are above break even and you’re not losing money from your trading, you’re making money from it and you’re doing it by doing something consistent repeatable.

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